TO DATE: 317 Alumni and Graduates form part of the Tomorrow Trust Holistic Education Model success.


  • Networking Opportunities – With a network of professional contacts all of whom graduates already have one thing in common with.
  • Opportunities to give back – Give with tutoring, coaching, mentoring, and being a speaker at our events.
  • Reduced Tax Opportunities – When donating financially to a non-profit organization that is registered with a PBO, you get a tax rebate. Tomorrow Trust is able to provide the donor with a Tax Rebate Certificate (Section 18A).
  • Charing The Alumni Committee – With an opportunity to become a trustee of the Tomorrow Trust Board.


The Alumni Team would like your assistance with the following:

  • Should you or your company be willing to host a few groups of our current learners or students for company visits, please let us know.
  • Volunteers are required for coaching/tutoring and mentoring of our current learners and students. Volunteers are also needed for various activities throughout the year. Let us know if you would like to take part. 
  • Should you be willing to provide testimonials about your experience at the Tomorrow Trust, Let us know 
  • Share with us your interesting adventures and if you would like us to profile you on our various media platforms.
  • Share and inspire people and if you wish to be a speaker at one of our events, let us know.
  • Let us know should you have any suggestions around initiatives that you would like to see coming from the Tomorrow Trust alumni.
  • To indicate your interest in getting involved, please do not hesitate to email – / 


For any inquiries or personal information updates, please send us an email here: /