The Tomorrow Trust has various holistic educational programs that provide academic, career and psycho-social support to orphaned and vulnerable children and youth, throughout their whole academic journey. From their earliest years until they are alumni. At the Tomorrow Trust, we believe a truly successful education should not only encompass academics but that it should enhance life and self-development skills. In other words, it must embrace the concept of “whole-ism”.


1. First, we endeavor to find students who are most vulnerable and marginalized, and who therefore have the greatest potential to change the course of their futures. 2. We then evaluate each student as whole individuals. These are individuals who have intricate and specialized needs that cannot be met by a “one size fits all” mentality towards education. 3. Finally, we build a tailored program to support students by meeting their specific educational needs, be these needs financial, physical, emotional, social or all of the above.


In this phase, educational support is offered during the holiday period, as well as on Saturdays to supplement, enhance and correct the education children are currently receiving, and ensure they are prepared for the transition into senior phase/ high school, it includes: 1. Developing the fundamental building blocks in English language, Literacy, and Numeracy. 2. Hosting holistic experiential workshops that provide more than just academic support, planting the seed for self-growth and understanding as well. 3. Other key components of the Program, include the provision of nutritious meals, stationery, and course materials, as well as the transport to and from the hosting venues.


Grade 7 learners transition to this program, intended to enable them to pass their National Senior Certificate with improved results, so they can gain access to better tertiary opportunities. Again, this is a supplementary program that is held on a Saturday and during the school holidays. It offers: 1. Comprehensive academic and psychosocial support, geared towards building and strengthening English, Mathematics, Life Sciences and Physical Sciences. 2. Holistic experiential workshops around self-mastery, career guidance, as well as motivational talks and further leadership development. 3. Other key components of the program include the provision of nutritious meals, stationery and course materials, as well as transport to and from hosting venues. 4. We also include programs currently for the Grades 8 and 9 to help with digital migration to help make them aware of the current 4th industrial revolution and to expose them to new and unfamiliar career fields . Giving them tools to easier navigate and develop themselves through their life's journey .


The Tertiary Program offers bursaries to students completing various degrees at different institutions. Our goal is to support and help build independent, problem-solving, conscious young adults, who will enter the workplace self-reliant and ready to lead a successful life. This is achieved through ongoing support provided by our in-house Psychologists and various activities students experience throughout their time at the Tomorrow Trust. We aim to create a safe space and a family environment, where all students can learn, fail, and grow, without judgment, prejudice, or fear. We believe that success is not linear when we walk the students’ paths with them as they navigate the complexities of life as young adults. Being part of the Tertiary Program, allows students to commit and invest in their self-development and growth; helping them reach their true full potential both academically and personally .

Additional Programs

Tomorrow Trust also offers additional programs that aims to improve and quip students with a set of skills they might need in the future , such as our SHIFT program . Also to address the educational and psycho-social gaps in the youth coming from orphaned and vulnerable households across the developmental spectrum . And aims to explore the various elements which go into identifying and selecting one’s career path. More information about these programmes is detailed inside . Please click the header/title for more info .


The Alumni Programme is comprised of all former beneficiaries that came through the Tomorrow Trust Tertiary Programme, who completed a qualification with the Tomorrow Trust since it was founded in 2005. The Programme offers a platform for engagement between alumni and the Tomorrow Trust and enables alumni to maintain close ties with the organization. It aim also to create a lifelong community of alumni through increased opportunities with meaningful engagements.