The Tomorrow Trust is a proudly South African non-profit organization. It was founded in 2005 to provide holistic support to unprivileged and disadvantaged children, helping them on their journey towards a comprehensive and integrated education. We work with government, business, and ordinary South Africans to realize the vision of a society with conscious and holistically educated leaders.
We see every day as a chance to change a child’s story for the better so they can look forward to a brighter tomorrow – From the Playground to their Professions! – And you can help us, today.

Is to unlock South African best tomorrow through holistic education today – From Playground to Professional.


Is for a "Just Tomorrow" – A society with conscious and holistically educated leaders; where unprivileged and disadvantaged  children, have a chance of success in academics and in

. Growth
. Compassion
. Social Justice

Our values are not just words. They guide the behaviors we expect to see every day, both in the office and outside of it. Our staff, as well as the learners, students, and young professionals who we serve should not only know these words but understand what they mean through the lens of the Tomorrow Trust.