The Tomorrow Trust supports orphaned and vulnerable children throughout their educational journey. Providing holistic education, we focus on academics and life skills, thereby empowering them to reach their full potential as self-sustaining and proactive members of society.


We are dedicated to finding the students who are the most vulnerable and marginalized, and who therefore have the greatest potential to reverse the course of their futures. We evaluate them as whole individuals—with intricate and specialized needs that cannot be met by a “one size fits all” mentality towards education. In this way, from the very beginning, we build a tailored program to help each student where he or she needs it most. This is our holistic support method, which runs throughout all stages of learning, to provide students with academic and psychosocial support.


It is important to note that each student enters at different stages of our student cycle—because educational intervention can never be too late.



Junior Holiday School Program Grade R (kindergarten) – Grade 7

Future success in education—and life—depends on a strong foundation of skills development. This is the focus in the primary grades, ensuring that students are prepared for the senior phase of schooling. Our students focus on Mathematics, Literacy and English skills, which form the bedrock for expanding knowledge as they grow. South African juniors in Government schools only start to hear and learn English in Grade 4 which sets them back at least 2 years academically, often they never catch up moving forward.


But, it isn’t simply about providing a classroom experience. We know that students require academic support, yet we supplement this with nutritious meals, stationary and course materials. We also provide transportation from townships to host schools. In this way, each student is in the best possible position to take advantage of the learning opportunities provided.


Saturday and Holiday School Grade 8 – Grade 12

Having established a strong framework of knowledge, our students graduate from Grade 7 with new confidence and skills. At this point, they advance to our Saturday and Holiday School program, which focuses more closely on Mathematics, Biology, Science and English. Their existing knowledge is deepened, and new subjects are introduced to round out their education and support the development of well-rounded individuals. Again, we transport these learners to host schools to guarantee access and safety, and their academic endeavors are supported with nutritious meals, stationery and holistic support.


Due to their circumstances, these young people are not exposed to career guidance nor any options as to how to move forward once they have completed their schooling. Tomorrow Trust sees to all their individual needs, making sure that they have a focus on the correct post-secondary studies that they should take up as well as which institution they should apply to.


Post-Secondary Program

Considering the poorly functioning state of education in South Africa, it is truly an incredible moment to see our students graduate from Grade 12—and the pride that they rightfully feel is overwhelming. At this stage, they are prepared to be part of our Post-Secondary programme, which is geared towards assisting students through college and university. We are committed to providing support for these young adults throughout the year.

Our students are offered full bursaries to attend University or College; we cover costs for tuition, textbooks, accommodation, food and transport. Psycho- social and academic support is provided to all students to ensure they complete their qualifications and are ready for the working environment when they graduate. Monthly workshops are also arranged where life skills, study skills, self-awareness and self-mastery issues are developed and taught. This furthers their growth as they develop in to competent, proactive individuals. Upon graduation, students enter the South African job market as skilled and reliable individuals, ready to further and sustain the growth of our country.

Post-secondary students are required to give back at least 10 hours a year to the younger groups within the Grade R – Grade 12 programme at Tomorrow Trust. They then become motivators and role models to the younger students and at the same time learn the wonder of being able to make a positive impact on another’s life.


Alumni Program

Tomorrow Trust students never truly leave the Tomorrow Trust program, because we become family through the close bonds developed in our learning environments. What’s more, their opportunities to engage with Tomorrow Trust never end. Once they graduate college, students are accepted into the alumni program that offers a platform for graduates to participate in the future of the organization and to network amongst themselves. This program serves a dual purpose. First, alumni are encouraged to give back to fellow students in younger grades and contribute to the well-being of children in similar circumstances. Second, our alumni program encourages peer support and networking by like-minded young people who are able to share their stories of success. This final piece of the puzzle encourages our graduates to be engaged, civic-minded individuals who never stop giving back to their communities.


Alumni come to gatherings aimed at their needs addressing career support and general life support.


Teacher Support Program

The Teacher Support Program is focused in the foundation phase of school, as this is paramount to childhood development as a phase is the building block for future academic success. The Tomorrow Trust works with Grade R (kindergarten) educators from township schools, training them in classroom skills that mean the impact of Tomorrow Trust initiatives extend beyond the supplemental education program we run—expanding the number of children who will be impacted by improved learning environments.

Computer Literacy Program

In addition to holistic and basic academic support, the Tomorrow Trust believes in advancing computer literacy among South African youth. Becoming comfortable with technology is necessary for students to succeed in higher education and find promising careers. The program also offers educational games that focus on Reading, Spelling, and Mathematics, which allows the Tomorrow Trust to monitor the progress of each individual learner and identify focus areas for each group.