16 Nov Grade 11 & 12 Awards Ceremony

On the 12th November, we hosted our Grade 11 and 12 Awards Ceremony at St Andrews School For Girls. The Tomorrow Trust recognised the hard work and dedication of all it learners and awarded learners who have improved drastically. We had a total of 52 Awards...

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16 Nov Grade 8 & 9 Awards Ceremony

On Saturday the 5th November, Tomorrow Trust held the award ceremony for the Grade 8 & 9 learners in the Holiday & Saturday School Programme.The Tomorrow Trust awards celebrate the achievements and the improvement of academic performance throughout the year by the learners. As an...

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31 Oct PepsiCo supports the Girl child

For countless girls and women, sanitary pads are an unaffordable Luxury. This often becomes the reason for an orphaned and vulnerable girl child not attending school. We are grateful and fortunate to have partners such as PepSico who recognise the need to provide this much...

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24 Oct Atlanta welcomes Kim Normand Dobrin

It was so fabulous ! The food the ladies the chef everything was superb ! Enid  Draluck and Danita  Knight with 1920 Tavern welcomes Founder/Executive Director Kim Normand Dobrin to Atlanta - supporting Tomorrow Trust and Freeing Freddie - a special group of powerful women to...

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18 Oct Holiday School students visit PepsiCo production plant

On the 6th October 2016, the Tomorrow Trust learners were afforded the opportunity to visit PepsiCo plant, where all products are made. This visit focused on the development of how Simba chips are made. The learners were taken through the developmental process of making Lays...

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